Laboratory of Functional and Nanostructured Polymers

Research group at the Institute of Polymers of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Biodegradation of crude oil hydrocarbons by a newly isolated biosurfactant producing strain

N. Christova, L. Kabaivanova, L. Nacheva, P. Petrov, I Stoineva

Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2019, 33(1), 863–872.(open access)


Linear Amphiphilic Polyglycidol/Poly(ε-caprolactone) Block Copolymers Prepared via “Click” Chemistry-Based Concept

N. Toncheva-Moncheva, P. Bakardzhiev, S. Rangelov, B. Trzebicka, A. Forys, P. D. Petrov

Macromolecules, 2019, 52(9), 3435-3447.



Poly(ε-caprolactone) based nanocarriers of kaempferol: A comparative study

K. Yoncheva, D. Galabov, N. Hristova-Avakumova, V. Hadjimitova, P. Petrov

Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgare des sciences 2019, 72(3), 333-340.



Impedance spectroscopy of PTB7-Fx:PC70BM bulk heterojunction solar cells prepared in ambient environment

R. Gergova, M. Sendova-Vassileva, G. Popkirov, G. Grancharov, and V. Gancheva

AIP Conference Proceedings 2019, 2075, 140006.


Micellar propolis nanoformulation of high antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity

V. Tzankova, D, Aluani, Y. Yordanov, M. Kondeva-Burdina, P. Petrov, V. Bankova, R. Simeonova, V. Vitcheva, F. Odjakov, A. Apostolov, B. Tzankov, K. Yoncheva

Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy, 2019, 29, 364-372 (open access)


Evaluation of antioxidant activity of caffeic acid phenethyl ester loaded block copolymer micelles

K. Yoncheva, V. Tzankova, Y. Yordanov, B. Tzankov, G. Grancharov, D. Aluani, V. Bankova, M. Popova, B. Trusheva, M. Kondeva-Burdina, P. Petrov

Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment, 2019, 33(1), 64-74 (open access)



Superior proapoptotic activity of curcumin-loaded mixed block copolymer micelles with mitochondrial targeting properties

D. Momekova, I. Ugrinova, M. Slavkova, G. Momekov, G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, P. Petrov

Biomaterials Science, 2018, 6, 3309-3317!divAbstract


Application of cationic polymer micelles for the dispersal of bacterial biofilms

D. Borisova, E. Haladjova, M. Kyulavska, P. Petrov, S. Pispas, S. Stoitsova, T. Paunova‐Krasteva

Engineering in Live Sciences, 2018, 18(12), 943-948


Optical, film surface and photovoltaic properties of PTB7-Fx-based polymer-organic solar cells prepared in ambient conditions

G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, P. Petrov, R. Gergova, G. Popkirov, M. Sendova-Vassileva

Chemical Papers, 2018, 72(7),1669–1676


Co-assembly of block copolymers as a tool for developing novel micellar carriers of insulin for controlled drug delivery

K. Kamenova, E. Haladjova, G. Grancharov, M. Kyulavska, V. Tzankova, D. Aluani, K. Yoncheva, S. Pispas, P. Petrov

European Polymer Journal, 2018, 104, 1–9


Study of impedance spectra parameters of PCDTBT:PC70BM solar cells as a function of the deposition solution concentration

M. Sendova-Vassileva, G. Popkirov, R. Gergova, G. Grancharov and V. Gancheva

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2018, 992, 012045


Shelf life and outdoor degradation studies of organic bulk heterojunction solar cells

R. Gergova, M. Sendova-Vassileva, G. Popkirov, V. Gancheva and G. Grancharov

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2018, 992, 012043


A novel approach for fabricating nanocomposite materials by embedding stabilized core-shell micelles into polysaccharide cryogel matrix

V. Pencheva, E. Margaritova, M. Borinarova, M. Slavkova, D. Momekova, P. D. Petrov

Carbohydrate Polymers 2018, 183, 165-172




Polymeric vehicles for transport and delivery of DNA via cationic micelle template method

E. Haladjova, M. Kyulavska, J. Doumanov, T. Topouzova-Hristova, P. Petrov

Colloid and Polymer Science, 2017, 295, 2197-2205


Development of propolis-loaded block copolymer micelles of superior structural stability and high loading capacity

P. D. Petrov, G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, B. Trusheva, V. Bankova, C.B. Tsvetanov

Polymer 2017, 125, 102-109


Cisplatin delivery vehicles based on stabilized polymeric aggregates comprising poly (acrylic acid) chains

E. Stoyanova, P. Petrov, I. Karadjova, G. Momekov, N. Koseva

Polymer Journal, 2017, 49 (8), 607-615


Novel dextran/β-cyclodextrin and dextran macroporous cryogels for topical delivery of curcumin in the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

M. I. Slavkova, D. B. Momekova, B. D. Kostova, G.T. Momekov, P.D. Petrov

Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2017, 49(4), 792-799


Super-macroporous dextran cryogels via UV-induced crosslinking: Synthesis and characterization

G.L Georgiev, B.Trzebicka, B. Kostova, P.D. Petrov

Polymer International, 2017, 66(9),1306-1311


Double stimuli responsive mixed aggregates from poly (acrylic acid)-block-poly (ε-caprolactone)-block-poly (acrylic acid) and poly (ethylene oxide)-block-poly (propylene oxide)-block-poly (ethylene oxide) triblock copolymers

K. Kamenova, B. Trzebicka, D. Momekova, P. Petrov

Polymer Bulletin, 2017, 74(3), 707-720


Antioxidant response and biocompatibility of curcumin-loaded triblock copolymeric micelles

V. Tzankova, C. Gorinova, M. Kondeva-Burdina, R. Simeonova, S. Philipov, S. Konstantinov, P. Petrov, D. Galabov, K. Yoncheva

Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, 2017, 27(1), 72-80





Complex Formation Between Lysozyme and Stabilized Micelles with a Mixed Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(acrylic acid) Shell

M. Karayianni, V. Gancheva, S. Pispas, P. Petrov

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2016, 120(9), 2625–2637


Functional multilayered polymeric nanocarriers for delivery of mitochondrial targeted anticancer drug curcumin

G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, M. Kyulavska, D. Momekova, G. Momekov, P. Petrov

Polymer, 2016, 84, 27-37


Surface morphology and corrosion behaviorofzinc and zinc composite coatings with Cr(III) based conversion films

N.D. Boshkova, P.D. Petrov, V. Chukova, L.Lutov, S.D. Vitkova, N.S. Boshkov,

Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2016, 48 (Special Issue-B), 53-59


Obtaining and comparative corrosion characterization of composite zinc and zinc alloy coatings with embedded stabillized polymeric micelles

N.D. Boshkova, P.D. Petrov, N.S. Boshkov

Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2016, 48(Special Issue-A), 57-63


Nanoporous poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin films based on “click” prepared degradable diblock copolymers

G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, P. Petrov, J. De Winter, P. Gerbaux, P. Dubois and O. Coulembier

RSC Advances, 2016, 6(40), 33468-33477!divAbstract


Novel micellar form of poplar propolis with high cytotoxic activity

P.D. Petrov, C.B. Tsvetanov, P. Mokreva, K. Yoncheva, S. Konstantinov, B. Trusheva, M. Popova, V. Bankova

RSC Advances, 2016, 6(36), 30728-30731!divAbstract


Novel electrically conducting 2-hydroxyethylcellulose/polyaniline nanocomposite cryogels: Synthesis and application in tissue engineering

P. Petrov, P. Mokreva, I. Kostov, V. Uzunova, R. Tzoneva

Carbohydrate Polymers, 2016, 140, 349-355


Multifunctional block copolymer nanocarriers for co-delivery of silver nanoparticles and curcumin: Synthesis and enhanced efficacy against tumor cells

P.D. Petrov, K. Yoncheva, V. Gancheva, S. Konstantinov, B. Trzebicka

European Polymer Journal, 2016, 81, 24–33


Simultaneous Biodegradation of Phenol and n-Hexadecane by Cryogel Immobilized Biosurfactant Producing Strain Rhodococcus wratislawiensis BN38

A.E. Hristov, N.E. Christova, L.V. Kabaivanova, L.V. Nacheva, I.B. Stoineva, P.D. Petrov

Polish journal of microbiology, 2016, 65(3), 287-293


Performance and stability of two types of bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells with sputtered back contacts

M. Sendova-Vassileva, G. Popkirov, P. Vitanov, G. Grancharov, V. Gancheva, H. Dikov, E. Lazarova, R. Gergova

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2016, 700(1), 012053


In vitro and in vivo toxicity evaluation of cationic PDMAEMA-PCL-PDMAEMA micelles as a carrier of curcumin

V. Tzankova, C. Gorinova, M. Kondeva-Burdina, R. Simeonova, S. Philipov, S. Konstantinov, P. Petrov, D. Galabov, K. Yoncheva

Food and Chemical Toxicology 2016, 97, 1-10



Template-Assisted Approaches for Preparation of Nanosized Polymer Structures. In: Nano-size Polymers: Preparation, Properties, Applications, Springer, 2016,  pp. 367-396

S. Rangelov, P. Petrov



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G. Mountrichas, P. Petrov, S. Pispas, S. Rangelov





Cationic triblock copolymer micelles enhance antioxidant activity, intracellular uptake and cytotoxicity of curcumin

K. Yoncheva, K. Kamenova, T. Perperieva, V. Hadjimitova, P. Donchev, K. Kaloyanov, S. Konstantinov, M. Kondeva-Burdina, V. Tzankova, P. Petrov

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2015, 490(25), 298–307


Curcumin delivery from poly(acrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate) hollow microparticles prevents dopamine-induced toxicity in rat brain synaptosomes

K. Yoncheva, M. Kondeva-Burdina, V. Tzankova, P.  Petrov, M. Laouani, S. Halacheva

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2015, 486(1-2), 30, 259-267


Optimization strategies for improved growth, polysaccharide production and storage of the red microalga Rhodella reticulata

J. G. Ivanova, L. V. Kabaivanova, P. D. Petrov, S. N. Yankova

Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2015, 47(1), 167 – 174


Triblock polymeric micelles as carriers for anti-inflammatory drug delivery

K. Yoncheva, P. Petrov, I. Pencheva, S Konstantinov

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Phenol degradation by environmental bacteria entrapped in cryogels

G. Satchanska, Y. Topalova, R. Dimkov, V. Groudeva, P. Petrov, C. Tsvetanov, S. Selenska-Pobell, E. Golovinsky

Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2015, 29(3), 514-521 


Synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic poly(acrylicacid)–poly(ɛ-caprolactone)–poly(acrylicacid) block copolymer as novel carrier for 7-ethyl-10-hydroxy camptothecin

B. Djurdjic, S. Dimchevska, N. Geskovski, M. Petrusevska, V. Gancheva, G. Georgiev, P. Petrov, K. Goracinova

Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 2015, 29, 6, 867-881




Polymeric Nanoparticle Engineering: From Temperature-Responsive Polymer Mesoglobules to Gene Delivery Systems

E. Haladjova, N. Toncheva-Moncheva, M. Apostolova, B.Trzebicka,A. Dworak, P. Petrov, I. Dimitrov, S. Rangelov, C.B.Tsvetanov

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P. Petrov, Ch.B. Tsvetanov

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V. Stoyneva, D. Momekova, B. Kostova, P. Petrov 

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Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Nanocomposite Aerogels and Related Materials

P.D. Petrov in Polymer Nanocomposite Foams, Ed. V. Mittal, CRC Press, 2014,  169-188




Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(n-butyl acrylate)-block-poly(acrylic acid) triblock terpolymers with highly asymmetric hydrophilic blocks: Synthesis and aqueous solution properties

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Janus Micelles as Effective Supracolloidal Dispersants for Carbon Nanotubes

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Biosurfactant Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa BN10 Cells Entrapped in Cryogels

N. Christova, P. Petrov, L. Kabaivanova

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